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SPECIAL OFFER = $ 200 PER PERSON - Why a different approach to learn Spanish in Brisbane?

spanish classes brisbane bullet pointWe do FOCUS in COMMUNICATION rather than focusing on grammar

spanish classes brisbane bullet point However we start with the first step: Pass your Message On

spanish classes brisbane bullet point Every Spanish lesson isfocused in your own reality,speeding up your talkingcapacity.


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Image of Spanish Classes in BrisbaneImage of Spanish Lessons in Brisbane





Small groups means

= more time to talk on each Spanish classes

= more personal time to learn Spanish with your teacher

= better value when learning Spanish with friends (get a discount)


Dedicated tailored topics for your personal needs






Trixy Jacobs from Northgate, Brisbane said:

I'm planning a trip to South America, but finding a good teacher was really hard, until I found Monica, who really knows what she is doing. She is fun, her classes are filled with real life situations, and the most important, I've started to talk for real, and now I'm enjoying it! Finally, I've got what I needed, my pronunciation is improving and my confidence grows in every class.

Spanishworld ; A friendly and home style school, with lots to learn, a ''must recommend'' to anyone looking to learn and enjoy Spanish.

Hello Monica

We’ve been back from our long European holiday for a couple of weeks now and just loved our time in Spain.

Although we were fairly lazy students and didn’t stay with our Spanish lessons for very long, we really found our time with you extremely helpful. Your lessons helped us to connect with the rhythm of Spanish speech, and we were able to remember a few words that we learnt. All of this really helped us to manage day-to-day life and travel in Spain.

Thank you so much Monica. If we ever decide to learn Spanish seriously, we will contact you again.


Sue and Mark Ready

Thank you for checking out our testimonials. It's great to have all these satisfied customers!!! WE HAVE MOVED OUT THE CITY OFFICE, WE ARE NOW IN CHERMSIDE WEST CALL FOR NEW TRAINING TIMES Your interest is appreciated.

Molly Goddard

Advertising Specialist 2012

The first Monica explained to me about Spanish was the passion that drives the language, apasionamiento.

In my five months of lessons with SpanishWorld I have not only learnt the vocabulary, but how to effectively express myself in Spanish. My classes were tailored specifically for my needs. Having no previous knowledge whatsoever neither pronunciation skills I thought learning Spanish would be impossible but Monica discovered how I learnt best and developed my lessons to suit my learning style.

She encouraged me to be confident when speaking in Spanish. This aspect of her lessons is what makes her the best and differentiates her from all other traditional "text book" classes. I truly believe Monica's passion and excitement for teaching what makes her classes so effective; is professional and strict with activities and homework to the perfect degree. Her positive energy makes the classes fun and encourages you to learn and practise. I sincerely recommend SpanishWorld.

I have fallen in love with the Spanish language, and have Monica to thank

Kent Buddle

Engineer  – Mining Industry

Monica is first a professional teacher, not a lecturer or a language specialist who happens to teach spanish, but an educator. As an educator she has tailored and adopted her teaching content to meet my learning needs at each point in time, while also ensuring there remains a logical and structured progression of language development. Her method for teaching a language makes good sense. As kids we first learn to communicate not by understanding great lists of words, rules, grammar and punctuation. We listen and we start speaking. There is time enough to learn the “correct and formal” language, but first, learn to communicate

Geoffrey Hyker

Teacher, Director, Kip McGrath Education Centre - Arana Hills

I have just finished Spanish World’s “Beginners” course

It was excellent (and a lot of fun).

As a teacher I appreciated Spanishworld teaching method.

Everything in “Context”. No being bored to distraction learning vocabulary and verbs you will never use.

You are taught what you need to know for the situation – travel, directions,
ordering in a restaurant, booking a hotel, visiting a doctor, etc.

I am more than happy to recommend this course.

I am about to start, and looking forward to, the next phase of my learning with Spanish World.

Cathrin Arndt

One on One & ON LINE Student

"My Spanish Lessons with Monica have been fantastic!  When I started I hadn't spoken any Spanish for over a year and I felt very rusty. Monica is so encouraging and uses various methods, like role-plays, short movies and songs to not only make the lessons interesting but also to enrich my vocabulary and to help me remember existing vocabulary.  I am now a very confident Spanish speaker and become more fluent with every lesson!  The lessons are great fun! I've had a few Spanish teachers over the years, but Monica is by far the best!"



Well Monica I am pleased I learnt some Spanish before I went away.
In  Cuba we met an Australian girl on our tour and she said she was there 2 days before the tour and  she travels a lot and said how hard it was because she knew no Spanish.
John said the same thing and he was glad I had been to the "Monica Spanish school"
You will be amused to hear that I know you were always pushing me to learn the numbers.
I secretly thought I did not need to know them as in most countries everyone writes things down but not here.
So as a result of you making me learn the numbers it has been very helpful.
The other thing I remember you always talking to me about was in the restaurant practise you always said ¨"Algo Mas" or anything else.  That has come up a lot and the other word that has been used a lot particularly the last few days was "Caliante".  Note I am even staying in a town of that name.

Anne-Marie Davies

PHD in Economics

One on One Student

"I have been learning Spanish for 6 months in preparation for my South American trip. Monica tailors the lessons to suit my needs, which is great because I get the vocabulary I need most. Her techniques include realistic role plays and a focus on pronunciation, which is one of the most difficult parts of learning a new language. Monica’s tutorials are super helpful and fun. She always puts an effort into their preparation so I get the most out of them. Thanks to Monica, I feel confident in being able to communicate with the locals when I get there. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a Spanish tutor
Hasta luego!"

Andreas Hemmann,

International Chef

One on One student

I like to say how wonderful I find having Monica as a teacher.

She is so much fun and varies the course of the lessons enhancing them with love and enthusiasm.

Spanish Lessons Brisbane with a different approach is what SpanishWorld brings for you to learn Spanish as a second language, for travelers or just to enjoy learning the third most important language

SpanishWorld Academy Australia has developed a different approach to learn Spanish with ease and using less grammar, making your experience enjoyable as much as you want

Having Spanish lessons is now available at Brisbane City - Chermside area.

When taking our Spanish classes with small groups you will learn Spanish faster with a different approach and getting real results applying the Spanish courses in every real situation you find

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